Simay Selli

Clinical Psychologist Simay Selli completed his undergraduate education at F.M.V Işık University, Department of Psychology. During her undergraduate education, she studied at Università degli Studi di Milano with a student exchange program. Besides that, during her undergraduate education, she did her internship at the French Lape Hospital and participated in studies as a member of Boğaziçi University Peglab.

She completed her master's degree in Okan University, Department of Clinical Psychology with an honors degree. She did her master's thesis on "The Investigation of the Effects of Childhood Traumas on Psychological Resilience in Individuals Experiencing the Elazig Earthquake". She continues her studies in Okan University Applied Psychology Doctorate Program.

She completed EMDR 1st and 2nd Level given by Emre Konuk & Asena Yurtsever; the EMDR 1st Level with Children and Adolescents given by Prof. Dr. Ümran Korkmazlar, EMDR and Healing Story training under the guidance of Emrah Devrim; and the Play Therapy and EMDR trainings. She completed the Strategic Family Therapy education under the guidance of Emre Konuk, Attachment Traumas with Children and Adolescents 1st and 2nd Modules and EMDR Sand Tray Protocol Intensive Specialization Program under the guidance of Derya Altınay; Working on Attachment Problems in Adults with EMDR under the guidance of Asena Yurtsever; 1. and 2. Level Couple EMDR training, completed the Solution Focused Therapy Basic training given by Zeynep Zat. She completed the Experiential Play Therapy Level 1 and Level 2 training and workshops under the tutorship of Nilüfer Devecigil and Byron Norton. Child & Adolescent EMDR Therapist's Triathlon under the guidance of Pınar Fidancı; she also completed the Performance Improvement Program for Exams with EMDR given by Dr. Olcay Güner. In addition to these, she completed OCD and EMDR training given by Zeynep Özmeydan; International Schema Therapy training under the guidance of Alp Karaosmanoğlu; Existential Analysis training, which lasted for two years, by Dr. Ferhat Jak İçöz. She has completed Level 1 Theraplay Play Therapy and Marschak Interaction Method, Group Theraplay Training given by Saara Salo.

In addition to basic therapy trainings, she attended various trainings and seminars of experts such as Robin Shapiro, Ana Gomez, Jessica L. Horder, Ricky Greenwald, Roger M. Solomon, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr.Daniel J. Siegel.

She completed MMPI, Denver 2 Developmental Screening Test, Child Assessment Tests and Neuropsychological Assessment Test Training from the Turkish Psychological Association. She took the Moxo Attention Measurement Test training.

She uses EMDR Therapy, Experiential Play Therapy, Theraplay Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Strategic Family Therapy in her work. She works on trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, fears, test anxiety, school adjustment process in children and youth, and counsels parents.

In addition to her psychotherapy studies, she voluntarily participates in field studies in social traumas within the EMDR Association Trauma Recovery Group (EMDR-HAP).

She is a member of Turkish Psychological Association, EMDR Association and Theraplay Association.

She is an EMDR Europe Certified Accredited therapist.


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