About DBE

• DBE provides psychological counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and the community. The Institute is well recognized for adapting and developing innovative approaches in mental health practice, carrying out research and training professionals and students in the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy.

The Institute is heavily involved in a variety of social responsibility projects:

• Trauma Center gives trauma therapy trainings since the Marmara earthquake in 1999 to professionals, military personnel, municipalities, hospitals and have recently organized EMDR Europe Trauma Congress in 2006. 

• Disaster Response Teams, consisting of 421 trauma therapists all of which are trained by DBE and EMDR Institute-HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Program, USA) and scattered around Turkey, are organized to actively intervene in emergencies and disasters.

• Happy, Life-Long Marriages is a project the aim of which is to predict if a marriage will last or not. With this aim, an inventory has been developed and its predictive validity is currently being researched. As a result, a program will be prepared to strengthen the relationship and manage potentially problematic areas in the marriage.

• Children and Adolescents at Risk is a project aiming at screening children and adolescents in schools who are talented or at academic and psychological risk, and train school counselors and therapists to work with these children.