Training Programs

For Professionals and Students

For Professionals and Students
  • Characteristics of an Adolescent and Family Relations
  • Adaptation and Behavioral Issues with Children
  • Divorce and Children
  • Alcohol, Drug and Internet Addiction in Teens
  • Talking Dissorders
  • Eating Dissorders
  • Codependency Issues
  • Anxiety Dissorders with Children

School Life

  • Persuasion and Communication Techniques
  • Identifying Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Issues
  • Different point of view for Attention Deficit and Learning Dissorders ( Reading / Writing / Mathematics / Attention / Social Skills )
  • Developing Thinking Skills; CORT THINK Application
  • Effective Reading and Understanding
  • Usage of Solution Oriented Therapy in Schools
  • Evaluation of Stammering, Articulation Dissorders
  • Usage of 16PF Personality Inventory for Profession Guidance

Therapy and Intervention Skills

  • Child, Trauma and Intervention Methodology
  • EMDR 1st Level Training ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing )
  • EMDR 2nd Level Training ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing )
  • Usage of 16PF Personality Inventory
  • Teaching Optimistic Attitude through Positive Therapy Techniques
  • Cognitive Bahvioral Therapy with Children and Teens
  • Usage of Expressive Art Therapy with Childrens and Teens
  • Persuasion Methods
  • Qualities that a Clinic Psychologist Must Have
  • Gestalt and Therapists Approach
  • Solution Oriented Short Term Therapy in Children and Adolescents
  • Children and Positive Psychology
  • Psychological Assistance Skills
  • Forensic Psychology and Children
  • Approaching and Understanding an Adolescent
  • Family Therapy and Genogram Apporach
  • Psychodrama and Art Psychodrama
  • Story Telling and Drama Therapy
  • Personal and Group Supervisions
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