Basic Arithmetic Test

Basic Arithmetic Test

Test takes place under the specific ability test group of cognitive tests according to the classification of tests and is mostly used for assessing administrative and operational positions. In the test, 4 basic arithmetic functions are used to solve problems with digits, decimals and fractional numbers.

Basic Arithmetic Test is used for Office Staff Member, Data Entry Staff, Office Equipment Operator, Call Center Staff, Secretary, Insurance Salesman, Store Salesman, Cargo Operator, Courier Staff, Stock Pursuit Staff, Charging Staff, Office Staff that works with numbers and basic functions, Bank Teller, Reservation Staff, Receptionist, Customer Relations Staff, Heavy Construction Equipment Operator, Fork-Lift Driver positions that require basic arithmetic ability.

For assessments of the results, position-related norms of cooperation are used. For the reliability test of Basic Arithmetic Test, consistency test was run and the co-efficient was found 0.85.

Test consists of 54 questions and lasts 6 minutes.

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