Detail Perception Test

Detail Perception Test

Takes place under the Specific Abilities Test according to the content classification and usually used for measuring rather for positions in technical and mechanical profession areas. Detail Perception Test is completely composed of drawings, without words, and requires a quick perception of details in the drawings, and measures identification of similarities and differences between the given drawings. This ability is more important for professions that require visual perception during the work. Detail Perception Test is a powerful tool that predicts performance on vehicle and engine fixing, usage of hand tools, requires mechanical operations, identifying supply/product defects professions.

Detail Perception Test is especially used for skilled or unskilled worker, Machine Operator, Construction Equipment Operator, Fork-Lift Driver, Taxi Driver, Truck Driver, Engineer, Collector, Security Officer, and Quality Control Staff in Factory positions in conditions which require high visual ability.

For the results of the assessments, either sector-specific norms or specific profession norms are used. Repeat-test studies were run on Detail Perception Test in order to provide reliability. As for the co-efficient of repeat-test study, it was found 0.82. Reliability studies are run continuously according to the revisions and improvements done on the Detail Perception Test. Validity tests are run on the test according to the standards of the cooperation, and data gathered are highly valid for professions listed above, and professions similar to those.

Detail Perception Test is composed of 40 questions and lasts 20 minutes.

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