Verbal and Numerical Ability Test

Verbal and Numerical Ability Test

Understanding the relationship between abstract and concrete objects, abstract thinking, reasoning and using these mental skills in appropriate conditions are named as cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities can also be differentiated as general abilities, numerical, verbal and spatial abilities. Verbal and numerical tests are composed for measuring high levels of verbal and numerical abilities that takes place in cognitive abilities. Verbal abilities section of the test measures comprehension, interpreting, analysing and synthesizing and critical thinking. In numerical ability section of the test, abilities of understanding of numbers, interpreting the numbers and critical thinking based on numbers are measured. With this test, it is targeted to predict the understanding, interpreting and critical thinking abilities, on reports that are related to the business world. 

Verbal and Numerical Ability Test is composed of 25 numeric and 25 verbal questions, 50 at total and it lasts 45 minutes.

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