Ece Eryılmaz

After graduating from F.M.V Private AyazağaIşık High School, clinical psychologist EceEryılmaz graduated fromthe Department of Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi Universitywithan honors degree. Upon completing her thesis titled “Gender bias in recognition of ADHD: important factors for teachers’ successful management of ADHD” from Bahçeşehir University Clinical Psychology Master's Program, she became a clinical psychologist.

Eryılmazcompleted voluntary internships at DBE Institute for Behavioral Studies, BengiSemerci Institute, Ekip Norma Razon, Capa Medical Faculty Hospital, ÇARE-DER and Private SurpPırgiç Armenian Hospital during her undergraduate studies. She worked with adult clients and children under clinical supervision at the Private SurpPırgiç Armenian Hospital during her graduate studies.

She received MMPI and DENVER II Developmental Screening Test, WISC-R, WISC-IV trainings from the Turkish Psychological Association;she also completed the Moxo Attention Measurement Test training.She received the 16PF training from DBE. She completed EMDR Level I and Level II trainingsat Institute for Behavioral Studies. She also completed EMDR Level I training with Children and Adolescents given by Prof. Dr.ÜmranKorkmazlar. She participated in Solution Oriented Coaching with Children and Youth. She completed Child Centered Play Therapy training and supervision given by Psychological CounselorFilizÇetin. She received the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Children training given by Assoc.Prof. Dr.SerapÖzer. She participated in SOBECE Social Skills Child Education. She completed Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Module I and Module II trainings given by Linehan Institute. She completed the Rorschach, CAT and TAT Tests and Evaluation of the Child's Mental Functioning trainings given by Dr.NeslihanZapçı. She completed Theraplay Level I and Level II trainings given by SaaraSalo. She received Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescent training from Dr. Christof Loose.

EceEryılmaz has been providing psychotherapy sessions at the Child and Adolescent Department of the Institute for Behavioral Studiessince 2015, and she has been working mainly with children and adolescents with emotional problems, academic difficulties, anxiety disorders, fear, anger control, trauma, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disabilities, social skills, exam anxiety and performance improvement issues. She also provides special education support for clients with learning and attention deficits, gives career counseling and consultations to parents by following their 0-3 years old children’s developmental and emotional states.

She uses EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Centered Play Therapy, Theraplay, Short-Term Solution Focused Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques in her clinical practice.

*EceEryılmaz is an EMDR Europe Approved Accredited therapist.

*EceEryılmaz is a member of Turkish Psychological Association, EMDR Association, Theraplay Association, Child and Family Guidance Association.

*EceEryılmazgives trainings at DBE Institute for Behavioral Studiesand various other institutions. She has a published article and a chapter in the book.

*Published Articles and Books:

  1. Eryılmaz, E. &Üstündağ-Budak, A. M. (2019). Gender bias in early recognition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Turkish Psychology Writings, 22(43).
  2. Eryılmaz E. &Üstündağ-Budak, A. M. (2019). Effective management of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder at school. (Chapter 76, 895- 906). SoysalAcar, A. S. (2019). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. From theory to practice for mental health professionals, field professionals, students and families. Nobel Academic Publishing.


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