Helen Caton Hughes

Chartered Marketer, CEO the Forton Group

Helen is a leadership, performance and careers coach, known for her inspirational and practical leadership development. She helps people achieve more with less, lead their teams by utilising everyone’s strengths – and get the career breaks they deserve.

Her clients are typically CEOs and Board Directors – or people with the ambition and potential to achieve these roles. A researcher, consultant, coach and trainer, Helen has worked across a number of major international organisations, national and local government sectors, including the Department of Health and regional government agencies and NGO’s such as the UN Environment and Development (UK) committee.

Helen coaches and delivers coaching internationally, and is an experienced public speaker on coaching and leading across cultures. She is fascinated by the power of applying digital technology in human development, so that people have the potential to work globally.

Helen believes in achieving and applying international standards to coaching, such that the training, ethics and competences expected of professional coaches are totally transparent.  She is accredited by the International Coach Federation to ‘Professional Certified Coach’ level and is a member of the Forton Group Faculty.

A Chartered Marketer, Helen enjoys working with people from non-traditional marketing settings, such as lawyers, Financial Directors, Heads of HR and other shared services, where engaging with internal customers is key. Helen works with her clients on the immediate, tactical level, achieving more day by day, as well as on the strategic horizon, embedding better ways of working over the longer term.

Some typical issues that Helen’s clients focus on include:

  • Business performance & delivery
  • Marketing and communications
  • Improving team and cross-organisational relationships
  • Public Speaking (on stage, TV and radio), Speech Writing and Key Messaging
  • Business growth
  • Organisational development
  • Change and transformation

What Helen’s clients say:

“Helen’s style is very relaxed but at the same time focused on my agenda so that the time spent in coaching is invaluable. She is open, warm and honest in her interactions.”

“Helen has the right level of experience in coaching senior leaders, the attitude and mannerism that has supported and enabled me throughout my development (to Chief Officer).”

“Helen understands the pressures and expectations placed on senior leaders and executives and draws upon years of experience in supporting people in these areas.”

“Helen has supported my learning both with regard to myself and the business by providing a challenging and constructive discourse over time.  Helen takes time to learn about the business and is able to understand the context in which I work.”


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